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As a set and interior stylist with a focus on tactility and the personal stories within every image, Mandy has developed a signature style, marked by

soft minimalist aesthetic.

portretje bewerkt_01.jpg

Photography by Peggy Janssen

Schermafbeelding 2021-11-25 om 15.25.01.png


+31 (0)6 48 77 24 83

’s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands

Instagram: @mandylangens


Interior / Set Styling

Art Direction

Concept Creator

Visual Storytelling



Commercieel: Walra - Dindi - Byrklund - CookLoveShare - vtwonen productieflow

Editorial: Libelle - Boligliv - ALT Interiør - Flair

Projects: Opbouw Libellezomerweek - 2016 


De Gruyterfabriek 

Veemarktkade 8, 5222 AE, 's-Hertogenbosch

’s-Hertogenbosch based interior stylist Mandy Langens focuses on a visual language of tactility. With a natural eye for aesthetics and details she works across the fields of branding and magazine production, set design, DIY, seasonal decorations, before and after projects and full house features. 

Mandy creates combinations by empathizing herself in different styles, communicating stories in their simplicity. Her style can be best described as tangible, monochrome, nuanced and accessible — combined with a personal and detailed touch. She always strives for perfection in imperfection, with an interesting mix of new modern pieces and antique old ones. This way of creating is clearly visible in all of Mandy’s work, whether it’s an editorial or commercial project. 

With different material mixtures, structures and shapes, Mandy’s goal is to create productions that are an invitation for people to get involved. She likes to immerse people in the feelings and states of mind evoked by the combinations of colors and materials she works with. In her concepts she leaves room for the users to fill them in with their own thoughts.

















Mandy is always looking for a way to challenge and develop herself by taking the right turn where she normally goes left. She gained a lot of work experience by being part of the editorial team of two different interior magazines at The Egmont Group in Copenhagen. Since 2019 Mandy works as a freelance stylist for various magazines and brands. 

Get in touch & let’s create stories in a tactile way together:

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